Spearfishing and Freediving are inherently dangerous sports.
Participating in any of these activities exposes one-self to the risk of
permanent injury and/or death. Shallow water blackouts, marine
creature's bites and stings, boating accidents, and spearguns misfiring
are some of the many ways that something could go south. The
content of this site is provided as personal entertainment only.
Although portions of the content may be perceived as instructional or
educational, do not depend upon it as such.

Neither MythiconUSA LLC or Salty Dog Spearfishing LLC will not accept any liability for injury or death caused whilst engaging directly or indirectly in any spearfishing and/or freediving activities with the use of products purchased from our
company. There are no warranties or guarantees, either expressed or
implied that the information contained in this site is accurate, correct
or reliable. You are responsible for using your own good judgement.

You should be in good physical condition, enjoying good health, and
have sufficient expertise for participation in any one of these sports.
Your level of fitness and experience is an essential consideration to
your diving plans. You should dive within your limits at all times,
protect yourself from natures elements and drink plenty of fluids to
maintain your physical condition and avoid painful cramps.

We recommend and encourage the buddy system while spearfishing
and/or freediving. It is imperative for your partner and yourself to have
similar capabilities and know each others limitations and weaknesses.

When using a speargun never point at another diver and never load
out of the water or around others. It is easier to load a gun if its butt is
placed on your chest. Loading a gun can cause bruising if you are not
wearing a good fitting wetsuit with a loading pad.


  • Always keep your spearfishing equipment and especially your spearguns and knives in a secure place and out of reach of children.
  • If any of your spearguns are equipped with a safety feature do not disable or remove. Never modify mechanical parts on your equipment in any way.
  • Never load a speargun out of the water and never bring a speargun out of the water loaded.
  • If you are freediving or spearfishing in open water always watch for boat traffic and make sure your are visible by using a float and a flag.
  • Never hyperventilate in order to increase depth times. Do not push your limits with your breath hold.

  • Use buddy system in order to always be safe. Never dive alone.

  • Always carry a knife with you in case of entanglement or for protection.

  • A mirror is an essential tool in case of emergency. One can be located from over 10 miles away with the help of a mirror and sunlight.

  • A whistle is another useful tool in the water since it isn't always sunny.